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Ok but bugs...

Ok, bugs..... First however - nice to have - please add any sort of LinkedIn integration. Another nice to have - add search for tags. Issues: The tasks templates are not available through the app. The tags are not working - tried to create tags, they are not synced and not saved. All tags created are lost after the application is closed / reopened. CalDav sync with Zoho Calendar and Tasks should be available since both products are targeting similar user base. Update: The button for "Add deal" and "Add task" is not visible n iPad mini. The button is hidden under the visible area of the window, I have to manually drag the window up for the button to show but it's almost impossible to click the button because the widow just jumps back up.. The whole form needs more space on the button to be scrollable and to be able to press the bottom for new deal or task. Notes to contact / company / deal can not be added at all while device is offline. This need to be an offline function to be really useful. Once a note is posted, it can't be edited. For t to be useful, it needs to be editable. If a picture is attached to a note, the picture doesn't show at all and can't even been viewed in the application. ---- Also note the fine print Guide tasks sync every 24 hours to Zoho.. Otherway is instantly. Contacts sync every 4 hours. That's how much real time you can get. Bottom line - this is a simple to use product and fun to use - don't get me wrong - but paying $15 a month to get guide integration plus you need to shell out $5 for Gsuite... Total $20 is all you want is tracking a few deals and sync to Gmail (and no calendar function...) Pop3 email account integration is nice though. On the other hand if you go with Zoho CRM for $15 you get so much more (or way too much depending on your needs) and you can sync with whatever CalDav you want. (But you can't connect your email POP3 account to Zoho CRM).

Do not use

The online system via a pic works fine. But iPhone app does not. It does not sync. It crashes often. It does not send notifications. It does not load contacts at all. We paid for a year subscription. We tried their support desk and after four weeks there is no resolution.

Where's my contacts?

I logged in, but none of my contacts show up. The only reason I downloaded this app is because I can't add contacts to my Zoho Contacts from my iPhone. Time for a new service.

App does not work

When signing in I get taken to the main desktop version of Zoho, not even the contacts desktop.This needs to be fixed. Glad I did not subscribe to the service

I have never been able to sign in

I have never been able to sign in. I have tried for months. I've even gotten the new iPhone 5s and tried it on the new phone and I still keep getting the error message and I am using my correct login information.

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